Why choose a brand?
Is research important?

Especially for new businesses that are just starting out, an in-depth brand research is highly recommended. Before we develop a contract for the authorized registration of your image or licensed innovation, we will thorough-check your brand name from top to bottom. Our exhaustive research records and guarantees that your company logo will not be used by anyone else in the corporate market. With all this in mind, we help you put aside enough deals and cash. We are very strict about pre-screening your mark as USPTO filing fees are non-refundable.

Comprehensive Trademark Research Report

(Next business day)

* We will start the cycle immediately and send it to you for review and approval the next business day. Such assistance makes sense for those who need to make a sign faster than expected. We will replace your entries as needed, but there is no guarantee that the US Copyright Office will take immediate action or respond to your entries.

Potential Issues Appears during the logo or brand name on the other side Recruit

When applying for a logo or trademark registration, provide the legal name and element type of the trademark owner; otherwise, legal problems may arise. In addition, the trademark name must not conflict with a commonly registered or used trademark, and this is not a good idea as it is a non-exclusive or widely used term, phrase or slogan as this may result in rejection. Unless you have the unanimous consent of living people, your trademark must not contain their names, brands, or images.


Lowest Priced Packages across the Industry with all the Necessary Features

Federal & State Search $ 149
  • Trademark search To find out what other companies are using the same name or similar phrases, you may use the USPTO search.
  • State Search All 50 states are searched in the same way using the state search.
  • Detailed online report Any matches are found with all the details you need to plan your next move.
Federal, State & Common Law Search $ 299
  • Information from the Federal and State Searches, as well as the following additional details:
  • Corporate name search All 50 states are included in our search for company names and other business entities
  • Corporate Directories We do a check of corporate directories to see whether your name is already being used by anybody else.
  • Common law The usage of your name that may be protected by common law trademarks may be found via private internet searches.
  • Domain names Your name is searched against the most frequent top-level domain names.
Global Search $ 499
  • Global search In these multi-national countries, we look for pending and registered marks
  • Domain names The European community
  • Domain names World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).